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Online meditation experiences

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Listen to a brief explanation of a concept, listen to a 20 min guided meditation, and be amazed with what you received.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Would you like to reserve an online experience with us for your group in English? No problem! Just email us to set up a date and we will organize it for you ( Minimum 5 people per group)

He who tries, repeats.

We are so used to defining ourselves as a group, that we have forgotten each one of us is different and has a different way of perceiving life, emotions and personal relationships.


By learning how to speak your inner language, you will understand the importance of trusting yourself in order to find the answers to all of your questions. Cause there’s no self development without self knowledge.

Transform yourself inside out

Did you know the brain reacts practically the same with fictitious and real experiences?

It sounds amazing, but in certain behaviors, your brain presents similar stimuli when living real or fictitious experiences. We have taken this theory a bit further and want to prove to you that if you believe it to be true, an imaginary experience can transform you as much as a real one, maybe even more. Cause sometimes it’s not just about the experience itself as well as the learning it has provided you.


At The Wake Up Concept, we want to use this premise in order to help you transform parts of yourself with the strength of your imagination. Using our concepts and the power of meditation we want to bring you the chance of taking you to some amazing places, so that, in a very subtle way, you can transform your life bit by bit, finding new roads and answers that only you can achieve.

"Thoughts are dynamic.

Allow yourself to change."

- Chris Novela

¿How do these experiences work?

Each experience covers one of our concepts. For the time being they are one hour online experiences through Zoom, with:

  • 20 minutes of explanation of the concept

  • 20 minutes of guided meditation to find self knowledge.

  • 10 minutes of questions and answers.

These experiences are for you if…

  • You want to start meditating and connecting with yourself on a deeper level.

  • You need a change but you don’t know where to begin.

  • You tend to compromise to changes and not follow up on them.

  • You want to get to know yourself better and meet different people in the process.

  • You are open to consider new theories about you and your life in general.

Próxima experiencias
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Who facilitates these experiences?

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Cris was always clear about her vocation to help others to accept and find themselves, but she did not know how to make that vocation possible and real. She went through many phases before finding herself in Thailand and writing a trilogy . She studied dubbing and voiceover and years later she became a coach: but it was in Chiang Mai where she trained her most spiritual part and merged it with her knowledge to create this project that you are now exploring and that has already helped hundreds of people to connect with their interior.


“Absolutely everything I have done in my life has helped me to reach you, here and now. And I know that if you have reached this moment, it is because I can teach you to connect with your interior and discover who you really are. The rest depends on how and when you want to do it.”

She is the one who imparts and teaches the philosophy of The Wake Up Concept and has written the trilogy of Dimensions  to pass it on with a very special approach.


Founder of The Wake Up Concept

You can purchase these plans now or at the time of booking

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