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Cris always knew her calling was to help people find and accept themselves, but she didn’t know how to make this calling real. She experienced many phases before finding herself in Thailand and writing a trilogy. She studied dubbing and locution and years later became a life coach - but it was in Chiang Mai where she trained her spiritual self and combined it with her knowledge to create this project your are now exploring and that has helped hundreds of people to connect with their inner selves.


“Absolutely everything I’ve done in my life has led me to right here, right now. And I know that if you have come to this place, is because I can teach you how to connect with your heart and discover who you really are. The rest depends on how and when you want to do it."

She’s the teacher of The Wake Up Concept’s philosophy and has written The trilogy of Dimensions to transmit it with a very special touch.

María is the designer for all of our brand: every single corner of this web, every banner, flyer or cover is her doing. Before practicing the Wake Up method, she was an architect. These are her own words to describe what she went through on a personal level when she started to listen to herself:


"I realized I had been going though a path without really considering if I liked that path or not. And like in the Pleasantville movie, a fog cleared and I started seeing it all in color”.


Now she manages GenioLoco and works as a designer at The Wake Up Concept.

María Genio Loco


ga pecesconflaire


Ga is, apart from that person who is always willing to show you her smile and all the joy in the world at any event we perform, the artist that creates all of our charms. At Wake Up we know everything is energy, and her’s is surrounding all of the objects we give at our workshops. Before her own awakening, Ga moved around different sectors without truly finding herself. And with The Wake Up Concept, she did:


“I discovered I could transmit my strength and joy to other people through my intuition by creating objects charged with energy”.


Ga believed in herself. And now we can all enjoy her energy at Pecesconflaire and The Wake Up Concept.

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