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A weekend to connect

Meditation & personal development

At The Wake Up Concept, everything we think, say and do goes with a single intention: that you discover who you are by connecting with your energy.

To do this, we organize unforgettable weekends in a dream place where you can enjoy, hand in hand with The Wake Up Concept team and nine other participants. 

Next editions: 

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Before personal development, you need personal knowledge. In this workshop, you will come into contact with the basis of our philosophy and you will learn to listen to your energy. The moon will teach you that all your phases are perfect because they are helping you to evolve, to get where you want. You are light and you are shadow, and you need both energies to exist on this planet.

What do our weekend workshops include?

  • 3 explanations about our concepts(with their respective tools) that you can take home and use whenever you need it.

  • 3guided meditationswith which you will travel, connect, feel and discover with a voice —this time in person— that has already touched and moved your energy before.

  • A welcome kitwith more than one surprise channeled and made just for you.

  • A channeling session with the help of Cris's lettersso you can ask about your personal process (or let your energy do the talking).

  • Many, many, many emotions guaranteed.Because this is not a weekend with strangers: it is a weekend with people you are destined to meet and live this experience that will change your life forever. 

These workshops are for you if...

  • You tend to worry about things that do not depend on you.

  • You care more about the opinion of others than your own and you tend to show only your best version.

  • You want to learn to accept yourself without demands.

  • Have you gone through or are going through some kind of grief or separation.

  • You want to learn to trust yourself more.

  • You want to make a change but you don't know where to start.​​

  • You want to get to know yourself better and meet different people in the process.

"The connection is accepted or not accepted"

- Chris Novela

What you will receive if you come to the weekend workshops:

  • You will learn to listen to yourself.We know it's difficult, but it's important that you communicate with yourself —without distractions— so that you don't get messed up (insomnia, health...)

  • You can learn to use the power of your imaginationmeditating.How long have you not reflected constructively? (Scratching is not valid as an answer)

  • You will enjoy with other people and you will connect with game dynamics and other tools with people who, like you, are just looking for something different.

  • You will access a deep personal knowledge a through our concepts.

  • Your way of perceiving yourself will change. You are a being in constant change and many of your learnings have become obsolete and no longer serve you. We will teach you new ways of looking at yourself.

  • You will clarify personal doubtsand you will integrate new ways of dealing with your blocks.

  • Your energy will thank you.

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Saturday:10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sunday:10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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InLighthouse Gallery


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It includes

comfort veggie food

& coffee break

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€360early bird

€390regular input

(First half when making the reservation and the other half a week before the event)

If you need accommodation, here are some options:

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Check here ourcancellation policy

If you prefer, here are other options to continue working on your personal development:

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